John Greenshields is our Ministry Development Coordinator. John advises and assists pastors in their personal, spiritual and pastoral development.

Pastoral care is a direct, person to person, in-life, care-giving ministry by one entrusted to such ministry by the church. In this ministry, care-givers come alongside and support care-seekers who are striving towards wholeness and understanding of how their faith applies to their individual life circumstances. Practical assistance can be involved, but whatever the context, the background is always the biblical narrative and the focus is on communication of the love of Christ.

The Board of Ministry, under the chairmanship of Revs Steve Hibbard and Colin Mutch, serves our Union through looking to advance appropriate models of ministry and in  the selection and oversight of all our accredited ministers, whatever their area of specialisation. We aim to encourage and support excellence and accountability in the practice of ministry among Christians, both among members within our congregations and among those appointed to serve as leaders.

Contact John on Ministry Development matters: mobile: 0770 344 2802,  email:


Our Mission & Ministry Advisor, Jim Purves, leads the work of overseeing and promoting mission and ministry development within our Baptist Union of Scotland.

Jim can be reached on  mobile: 0779 401 5645, phone: 0141 433 4553 or  email:


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Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of life. Through conflict, we can grow in our awareness and responsiveness both to ourselves and to others. Conflict can help mature and develop us as people.  It is presented in this way in the Bible and particularly by Jesus in His teaching. However, conflict can easily become harmful for individuals, for fellowships and for communities if it is not handled positively with integrity, honesty and creativity. The turmoil created can, when left unresolved, also bring damage to the church. It can also lead to a very poor view of church being formed among those who look on as observers.

Through our Conflict Mediation Team, served by men and women trained in conflict mediation, we aspire to help congregations through offering help, training and advice in two areas:

A.   Conflict resolution

We can offer specialist teaching to congregations and leadership teams on healthy approaches to dealing with conflict  - using mid week meetings, Sunday services or away days as required. Interactive teaching works well and is recommended.


B.   Conflict mediation

We have available people who can advise on how to cope better with unresolved conflict and how to prevent difficult issues from escalating.


Advice can be given on the 'phone identifying possible ways forward.


We also offer a mediation service. This is always with done with two, trained mediators working with individuals or groups who find themselves in unresolved conflict.


All information remains confidential once it has been passed to the mediation team. Mediation is never involved in disciplinary action.


All our trained mediators and conflict resolution teachers have had specialist training and most have experienced first-hand the struggles and hurts of conflicts themselves. They want to share “a better way” of resolving these as part of our community witness.


Travel costs of mediators should be covered by the conflicting parties or fellowship involved. We have positive contacts with other Christian mediators should a non-Baptist be more desirable.


We all need to face the importance of a healthy spiritual lifestyle. We would be delighted to be involved in refreshing your relationships to allow the unhindered release of spiritual activity.


Referrals and requests to the Conflict Mediation Team for training or help can be made through the General Director or Mission & Ministry Advisor.


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