Prayer Link for June

Sunday 2nd


Please pray for Rev Jim Meighan,

Chaplain at Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow.


Rev Isobel Neal, Chaplain, Robin House,

Children’s Hospice. It has been a year of

change for chaplaincy and that, along with

other things, has brought its challenges. We

are in the middle of the recruitment process

for a new chaplain to work alongside me in

Robin House and I would value prayers for

the process, and for the person who is

appointed, that we would work well as a

team. I would also value prayers for myself,

that I will have the physical, emotional and

spirtual energy to honour God in the work he

has called me to do.


Sunday 9th

Wigtown: Rev Stephen McGarva. Thank

you for praying for us. Although we are a

small fellowship in a very rural location we

are situated only 11 miles from where St

Ninian built the first Christian church in

Scotland (Whithorn) in the 4th Century, and

from where he travelled the length and

breadth of the nation taking the good news of

Jesus. We are also only a few hundred yeards

from the site where the ‘Wigtown Martyrs’

were drowned in 1685 for their faith in

Christ. Pray for us as we draw inspiration

from these brave local predecessors and also

make their faith known today in missional,

relational and creative ways.


Wishaw: Rev Colin Mackenzie.

Over the past 16 months the fellowship has

had to go through more than a dozen deaths

including two members of the church

leadership – the latter being the treasurer.

This has been a blow to the fellowship, but

God is good and sustaining us. Pray for

enduring grace.

A Way Ahead Group has been formed and

is currently exploring some serious

considerations, including employing a youth

worker. Pray for clear guidance as we seek

God’s will at this time.


Sunday 16th


Abbeyhill, Edinburgh: Rev Gordy MacKay.

Gordy Mackay was ordained and inducted as

the Pastor of Abbeyhill on 23rd February

2013. Gordy's ministry since has been very

much appreciated. Julie his wife is expecting

a 2nd baby in September.

Please pray that the Pastor, Deacons and

all the Church folk may be clearly led in the

days ahead as to the ways God wants us to

move forward in His will to serve Him, to

help our people and help the community

around us in this part of Edinburgh. Many

people round about need to know of the love

of Christ and hear of His great news. We

give God thanks and the glory for all He has

done and trust Him for all that is to come.

Thanks for praying for us.

Aberdeen Christian Fellowship: Please

pray for the church and its pastor Rev Vijay



Sunday 23rd

Adelaide Place, Glasgow: Revs Jack

Quinn and Stephen Crothers. We are in an

exciting season at Adelaide Place Baptist

Church with lots of opportunities ahead.

Recently, we have begun a 2 year journey

with a Learning Community hosted and led

by Central in Edinburgh and an organisation

called 3DM. Our desire is to learn much

about reigniting a missional form of

discipleship as well as re-learning in many

ways what it means to participate in the

mission of God in city centre Glasgow.

There seem to be the usual challenges of

managing time in a busy fast paced city,

however, our big prayer point would be that

Jack and I prioritise well during this season

and keep in step with what God's Spirit is

doing here.


Airdrie: Rev Ross Murphy. Please give

thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness to our

Fellowship for 170 years. Pray for us as we

adopt a mission statement encouraging us to

reach each generation of Airdrie with the

Gospel. Give thanks for unity within the

Fellowship and increasingly strong Gospel

partnership with other Churches.

Pray for our young people, and new

attendees, give thanks to the Lord for their

connections with the Church and ask that we

would see more coming to faith in the Lord

Jesus Christ followed by baptism,

membership and fruitful service for Him.

Give thanks for our pastor's continued

good health (his last MRI scan showed no

change and he's now on 6 monthly scans).

Pray for Edwin Gunn who is currently

working two days a week for the church.


Sunday 30th

Alexandria (Vale of Leven): Rev Robert

Sharp.  Pray for our preparations for our children

and young people's summer club in July. We

have a group from America coming to

support us, please pray for them as they

prepare to come.

Engagement Diary

for June

Pray that some of our older members, who

have some challenges with their health would

know God's healing presence.

Pray for the contact we have with young

people through SU in the local high school,

that there would be more opportunities to

convey the gospel.

Pray the Out of School Club that uses the

church would continue to grew in joy and


Pray for the church leadership as they meet

and deal with the challenges that go with

leading a church.


Alloa: Rev Jimmy King. Give thanks for the

faithfulness of the fellowship and the way

they support each other, for the relationships

built up through the recently wound up lunch

club, for opportunities afforded the pastor in

the local secondary school and for a number of

new people attending the services.

Please pray for the visit of a Step Out team

in July and for the team from the church and

Ludgate Parish Church that will be working

with them running a holiday club. Pray, too,

for the many people in the fellowship

recovering from operations or confined to care