July/August Prayer Link


Sunday 7th

Rev Leslie Edge, Chaplain, Prince &
Princess of Wales Hospice.
The Hospice aims
to help patients achieve the best quality of life
possible in what time remains for them, and at
the same time offer support for their families. I
would greatly appreciate prayer:
• as I seek to ensure that the spiritual and
religious needs of patients and their families are
assessed and addressed together with those of
the 140 staff and 700 volunteers.
• as I am part of the teaching team in the
Hospice, teaching Medical Students, Nurses,
Physios, Occupational Therapists and Health
Care Assistants, on subjects such as
Spirituality, Spiritual care, coping with
bereavement etc.
• as I am involved in Chaplaincy both in
Scotland and throughout the UK as a member of
AHPCC (Association of Hospice and Palliative
Care Chaplains); as I coordinate the work of
the Chaplaincy team within the Hospice.
• as I am involved in the plans to build a new
multi-million pound Hospice, relocating to a
new purpose built building on the south side of
Glasgow which we anticipate will open in 2017.

Rev Bob Adams, Army Chaplain, York. It has
been an interesting year! On a personal front
there have been some health issues; I was given
the option to have an internal defibrillator/
pacemaker fitted and am now back at work. My
wife also had surgery and has recovered well.
On the work front our troops were once again
deployed on operations and so this time we were
busy with the rear operations team working
alongside the welfare team. This was a busy time,
but as I write everyone is back from tour and
enjoying some well earned leave.
Next year will be particularly significant for
us as my full time contract with the Army comes
to an end. Please pray with us as we seek God’s
will for our next steps in ministry.

Sunday 14th

Alness: Rev Ian Macinnes. Praise God and give
thanks for the recent marriage of Rev & Mrs Ian
Macinnes. Pray for guidance as the fellowship
looks to the future and to how we respond to the
words of prophecy given to the leadership team.
Pray for the work our Pastor does with schools
and for our new outreach of a drop-in cafe.
Alva: David Fraser and Daniel Sturgeon. We
are planning our annual Holiday Club for 8-12
July and expect 50+ Primary aged children.
The church is poised to experiment with
several modes of outreach this summer and next
school year; including a breakfast club, food
parcels and weekly soup kitchen. We are also
highly involved in support of a local social
enterprise to establish a sports and leisure hub
in Alva. The church continues to grow in love
and numbers.
Daniel and Joanna Sturgeon will go to
Zambia as part of a multi church Tearfund
Missions Project.

Sunday 21st

Ardbeg, Rothesay. Rev Ron Rye. As a
Church, the journey over the last few months
has been eventful and we are delighted to say
that God is both blessing and teaching us as we
undertake our faith walk with Him.
We ask that the Churches throughout
Scotland pray for the ongoing work of Hope,
Salvation and Revival that seems to be beginning
and that we would be open to the movement of
His Spirit as we discern the direction we are
meant to take on that journey. As always, we
pray that God would grow us, by bringing us
people that can experience the Love of Christ
We have had blessings over the last few
weeks, but one of the biggest is the opportunity
that has come to share Good News in the
schools on the island. As with everywhere, lack
of money is causing problems, and on Bute one
of the places it is being felt most is in the youth
provision. The last funded youth club that
existed shut a while ago and so young folk are
being left with very little to do. This tied in
with openings in the schools on the island that
are coming and has seen us begin a short term
youth venture called Fusion.
The blessings coming from this have been
incredible. God saw fit to lead the joint campus
to offer us use of their halls for free, a donation
meant that we could run it without impinging on
Church funds and a partnership with John
Burns from Ayr Baptist Church has meant that
material could be written that was specifically
contextualised to our situation.
We started week one with 25 children
between P5-P7 age (there are only 170 on this
island of that age range) and week two saw this
number grow to 35. Some teachers have been to
visit as well as some parents which is such a
blessing, and a majority of these children are
hearing the Gospel of God's love for the first
time. We even have some non Christians helping
to run it, and one of them asked whether he
could be involved in the prayer to begin the
session last week. Small but mighty victories!
There are many questions still to answer, but
that God is here is not one. Please continue to
pray for our fellowship - that our lamp-stand
may shine brighter and brighter. And that in
God's will and His Spirit, we continue to enact
the ministry of Christ here.

Arran: Rev Vince Jennings. Although we are a
small fellowship, we are eager to reach out to our
community on Arran. Please pray for us as we
share fellowship with Christians from across the
UK, and further afield, who holiday on our
beautiful island throughout the summer.
Our fortnightly Lunchbox outreach is very
successful with thirty or so people from various
churches and none attending, enjoying lunch and
each other's company and hearing of how Christ
makes a difference in the lives of a variety of
guest speakers. Please pray for those who come
along that God will speak into their lives.

Sunday 28th


Ayr: Mark Bentham, Rosie Walker, Ian
We have known challenging days of late.
Please pray for us as we continue to minister
within and outwith our church. We have also
known God's blessing as a church, several folks
experiencing Jesus Christ really working in their
Please pray with us as some ministries
recess for the summer but others focus on the
same time period - our summer mission week at
the end of July / beginning of August and our
Fort Fun Day (24th August) when we host a
community event.
Please also pray with us that God's grace and
peace would permeate through us and to those,
as yet, beyond us. And that God will continue
to draw people to Christ. Thank you for your

Barnton, Edinburgh: Rev Keith Short. In
the last year, the church has moved its place of
worship to Craigmount High School. Please give
thanks to God for this great provision of a venue,
for new people worshipping with us since we
moved and for the opportunities that have arisen
to serve the school during the week.
In the past year, Neil Shannon has become our
Community Worker, serving locally in the name
of the church. Pray for growing opportunities for
Neil and the congregation to serve in the west of
Edinburgh. Give thanks for the Employability
Project the church has run in partnership with
Edinburgh Council. Pray that plans to run this
course again in the autumn bear fruit.
The church partners with many local churches
to deliver our community projects and Alpha
courses. Please pray with us for continued
blessing upon these partnerships, that our
Christian unity will be a witness to the
communities around us.
Lastly, pray for our Pastor as he visits several
churches during his sabbatical, that he may find
encouragement, inspiration and refreshment.


Sunday 4th

Please pray for Revs Neil Allison and John
Jamieson, both in Army Chaplaincy.

Sunday 11th

Bathgate: Senior Pastor Harry Sprange and
Community Pastor James Palmer.
summer we were disappointed to lose both our
Church Secretary and Treasurer by emigration,
but the church has pulled together well since.
We are still a congregation of young adults,
but have now introduced a “family friendly”
service on a Sunday afternoon, where toddlers
are free to roam, then we have tea together and
more relaxed worship and teaching in the
evening, This remains our main meeting
because of the number of our members who
have to work on a Sunday in this 24-7 society.
Several young adults have recently started
attending and are struggling their way into
faith, mainly contacts from youth work done in
the past. Our new youth club is overflowing.
James Palmer has completed a year as our
“Community Pastor” and now goes on to
further studies, and both he and I enjoy good
relationship as chaplains in the local Academy.

Bearsden: Rev John Craib. Please do pray
for our ministry in the North West suburbs of
Glasgow. Our pastor and his wife, John and
Carina Craib, continue to be busy with church
and family life. John took on an 8 hour
chaplaincy commitment at Low Moss Prison
15 months ago, which is widening his
horizons and providing some significant
interaction with a very needy section of our
society. He is also joining a TearFund led trip
to see the work of the local church in Ethiopia
in late October.
Our Youth Development Worker, Estelle
McKean, has settled well into her new role
over the past 10 months and is active among
our own young people as well as the local
We have various volunteers engaged in
para-church ministries around the city, such
as Streetpastors, Glasgow City Mission,
Prison Fellowship and Storehouse, which
have all helped to raise the profile of local
mission in the church, and during the year we
partnered with Whiteinch Church of Scotland
and other local churches in establishing a CAP
Debt Centre in the North West of the city.
We are just now building up to our annual
summer kids’ holiday club, which is a great
point of contact with local primary aged
children and a great growth opportunity for
our young people who help to lead the club.
We also have a BMS Action Team, which has
spent six months in Uganda, coming to share
with us for a week towards the end of June.
We have been blessed with a number of
baptisms over the past year and hope and
pray that this will continue and indeed
increase further. We are hosting the Glasgow
Baptist Prayer Gathering on the evening of
28th August and hope that other local Baptist
churches will join with us then to pray for our
churches and for our city.

Sunday 18th


Bellshill. We continue to search for a Pastor
at Bellshill and pray for God's guidance for
the man of his choosing. We praise God for
the faithful preachers to God's word he has
supplied each Sunday.
We praise God also for the opportunity to
help out Bellshill Salvation Army during their
time of building refurbishment. They are
using our building during the week for various
Please also pray for us as we review the
church's evangelism and how we can spread
the gospel more effectively in Bellshill.

Bo’ness. We are a small (30 members) but
active fellowship with a burden for our very
secular community. At present, we are in
vacancy and enjoying the variety of preaching
that this allows. We now anticipate a time of
reflection on our last ministry and of
prayerfully seeking the Lord’s will for our
We have faith and confidence in our Lord
and Saviour who has limitless resources and
cares far more for the lost in our community
than we ever could.
We pray that God will open our eyes to
what he requires of us, that we might trust
him to use even us as he sees fit, whatever
the future brings.

Sunday 25th


Bourtreehill, Irvine, Rev David and Mrs
Janice Wotherspoon.
Praise God for
continuing worshipping presence in a
socially needy area of Irvine. Give thanks to
God for the ministry through a community
cafe and the financial provision for this
work. Praise God for the encouragement of
new families recently starting to attend
church services and the increased number of
attenders at our monthly 'breakfast' church.
Pray for continuing financial provision,
especially in relation to church building
needs and the ongoing work of the
community cafe.
Pray for us as we face the challenges new
families attending church bring and pray that
they may be integrated into the life of the
church and into the security of a solid
relationship with Jesus. Pray that all the
members of the church will experience God's
richest blessings.

Brae, Shetland, Gwyn Stoyle.  What we mostly have in our
minds is how people are suffering with the
changes in the benefits system. One of our
people is directly affected and is rather anxious
about it. The fact that English is not her first
language does not help. We also have a member
whose work contract has not been renewed.
Particularly worrying with the arrival of a new
baby. I suppose what really needs lots of
prayer is the suffering of so many people in
our country as changes are being made
(apparently to suit political ideology?). The
fact that we, a small group, have two examples
of that suffering reminds us that it repeated
many times throughout our country just now.
On a more local issue our island authority has
decided to spend a further £1.2 million pounds
supporting a (largely unwanted) arts
establishment while at the same time reducing
staff and services in our old folks care homes
and local primary schools. We pray that their
eyes and minds may be opened and they
understand the folly of their actions.