General Director

The Role of the General Director

Our General Director Rev Alan Donaldson acts as CEO, giving overall leadership to the Core Leaders and having general oversight of our family of churches.

Alan's role is in helping the whole family of churches to hear what God is saying to us corporately and to catch a vision of what God is calling us to be and do as His people. Alongside the more prophetic aspects of this ministry, he carries a representational role on behalf of Scottish Baptists, both nationally and internationally.

Nationally, he relates to politicians and the media as the voice of Scottish Baptists on issues of public concern. To leaders of other denominations, on inter-church issues, he operates as the representative of our family of churches. Internationally he is actively involved in the work of the European Baptist Federation and the Baptist World Alliance and so keeps our Scottish churches involved with the wider Baptist family throughout the world.

There is also a core of essential administration, related to our life together as churches, that falls within his remit. He is assisted in this primarily by his PA, Jenny Wilson, and by the Union’s voluntary Convener, Dr Jacqueline Primrose.