April 2014 Prayer Link

Sunday 6th

Collydean, Glenrothes: Rev John MacSporran.
Please continue to pray for our search group as I'm
on the 'home straight' towards retirement. Thank
you for your prayers for our recently established
Youth Group and for answered prayer that we
now have two girls coming along. (Before it was all
boys). Continue to pray too for the effectiveness of
our on-line ministry where our services are watched
by many worldwide. Give thanks too for the
committed leaders in Collydean Church. As many
know, the smaller the church, the more jobs a few
leaders have to attend to!

Colonsay. At this time Colonsay Baptist Church
needs lots of prayer. We are trying to carry on with
the work that our late Church Secretary, Eleanor
McNeill, did and keep things going so the Church
can move forward. We could do with some new

Cornton, Stirling. Pray for us as we continue to serve
the community around us, building bridges and
seeking to demonstrate God's love in action in the
community of Cornton. We give thanks to God
for a number of new ministries that have recently
begun as the family continues to grow and thrive.

Sunday 13th

Cowdenbeath: Rev Graham Kinloch. Give thanks
for the growing numbers we are seeing in our
congregation at this time, especially among
younger couples which is really encouraging.
Please pray for us as we strive to develop a stronger
focus on discipleship in the life of the fellowship as
we seek to encourage and build one another up.

Crieff: Rev Jim Newell. We give thanks and praise
that much prayer has been made in Crieff recently.
A number of Christians from different churches got
together to pray for a whole week, 24/7. We are
praying with the emphasis for spiritual needs of the
town. Pray with us, as we believe God is listening.

Pray for us too, as a fellowship, as we seek to take
the Gospel to the community using the course
“Christianity Explored” and for an upcoming
Baptismal Service. Thank God, who is forever faithful.

Sunday 20th

Rev Stuart Murdoch, Chaplain, Strathcarron
With the complexity and diversity of the
workload pray for wisdom to know how to develop
the Chaplaincy Service at Strathcarron Hospice.
Give thanks for the development of strong working
relationships between Staff and myself as Chaplain.
Pray that this development would continue and
have a positive impact on the life of the hospice.

Crookston, Glasgow. We would ask for prayer for
wisdom in our search for a pastor to lead CBC.
We thank God for His blessings to us over the past
four years as He builds His church with the addition
of another six new members in 2013.

Crown Terrace, Aberdeen: Rev Gary Smith. We
would value prayer for our building which is feeling its
age and requires some remedial work, especially at
the stained glass windows. We give thanks for three
new babies (and the families they belong to) and
opportunities to develop new ministries in this area.

Culloden: Rev Kenny Ross. We have been through
a diffi cult few months as a church, with the death
of several friends. Yet we praise God that the
gospel has shone so brightly through lives well lived,
and through it’s power to grant hope and peace
even in the face of the death of loved ones. So we
praise God for the power of the gospel.

Pray with us as we begin looking to the future with
regard to building our own church building. God
has supplied much already, yes we still have a ways
to go, but God is good.

Culduthel: We pray for the on-going ministry
at Culduthel Christian Centre in Inverness. We
give thanks that the Rev Alasdair MacLeod has
accepted the call to be our new pastor. We pray
for Alasdair in the practicalities of moving back up
to Scotland and settling into a new area.


Sunday 27th

Cupar: Rev Tim Power. We deeply appreciate
the prayers of our extended church family of our
Baptist Union, specifi cally: That our Lord will bless
new upcoming local mission initiatives, CAP Money
Management Programme, pre marriage Alpha,
and Cupar joint churches Messy Church.

Give thanks for meaningful befriending links and
the opening of the gospel message with Chinese
Students at our local college, and Student Alpha
started in February.

Dalbeattie. Give thanks for the faithful expositional
preaching of the Gospel each Sunday, and at the
mid-week Bible studies. Pray that we will, with Paul,
never be “ashamed of the Gospel” nor water down
its message that salvation is free to those who fear
God and are obedient to His commands.